Annual Member Benefits

The Liberty Community Center has a full line of fitness pro­grams for all ages. Whether your goals include improving your cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, or sports specific skills, the fitness center staff is here to guide and teach you the correct form, technique, and program to follow. The following choices are free to members and are available by appointment.

Get M.O.R.E Program
Individuals and families with annual memberships can also take advantage of Get M.O.R.E, the Community Center’s member rewards program.

Adult Fitness Center Orientation
  • A fitness center staff will take you through the cardio and resistance rooms, explaining and demonstrating how to use or operate each machine correctly. This orientation is available for members 15 and older.
Youth Orientation
  • This orientation is available for ages 5-14 and is held in the Family Fitness Center. Fitness center staff demonstrates how to use and exercise with each piece of equipment while explaining fitness facts such as sets, repetitions, and correct form and technique. This is a basic equipment orientation that will get your child started in his/her fitness regimen.
Fitness Consultation
  • This option is for those who do not know how to start a fitness regimen. The Fitness Center coordinator will ask questions on your current health and your fitness goals. From there a workout plan is designed specifically to fit your current fitness level and goals. A fitness orientation demonstrating your fitness plan is also part of this consultation.